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Liposuction in Pittsburgh, PA

Slim Problem Areas with Liposuction

Liposuction at The Pittsburgh Center for Plastic Surgery

Are you frustrated by stubborn fat deposits that just won't respond to diet and exercise? The Pittsburgh Center for Plastic Surgery offers traditional, ultrasonic, and radiofrequency-assisted liposuction for Pittsburgh, PA, patients to eliminate excess fat and help you achieve the lean contours you desire. So why should you consider liposuction?

Liposuction Pittsburgh

Surgeons Primarily Use
Liposuction For Fat Removal

What is Liposuction?

At our surgery center in Pittsburgh liposuction is a procedure primarily used to target and remove stubborn fat deposits throughout the body. This fat is permanently removed through the use of gentle suction and small incisions. However, the procedure does not cause and is not a substitute for weight loss. The procedure also cannot be used to remove excess skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite, or address post-pregnancy concerns such as C-section scars.

How Does Liposuction Work?

liposuction illustration

Are there different types of liposuction?

The Pittsburgh Center for Plastic Surgery offers a variety of liposuction technologies to tailor your liposuction procedure. We understand that not everyone is built or shaped the same, so our highly customized surgical plan will precisely target your specific needs. Learn more about some of cutting edge technologies below:


During a traditional liposuction procedure, the cannula is used to break up fat cells before they are removed. When removing large volumes of fat, the motion of the cannula can be aggressive, damaging healthy tissue. By using a gentle vibrating cannula known as power-assisted liposuction (PAL), your surgeon can remove fat more efficiently, reducing discomfort after your procedure.


Your surgeon may recommend the use of ultrasonic technology (the VASER system) to liquefy fat with less impact on healthy cells. This is sometimes necessary for patients with previous liposuction, areas that are resistant to treatment, or when the risk of irregularities is high such as in the thighs. VASER can help produce a smoother, more natural result or when a High-definition result is desired.


For patients who may have poor skin laxity even before liposuction, your surgeon may recommend the use of Radiofrequency Assisted Lipolysis (BodyTite). The BodyTite system uses thermal energy to melt fat cells and contour skin simultaneously in small focal areas. Many patients can avoid more invasive surgery, such as a tummy tuck, with the addition of BodyTite.


J-Plasma, also known as Renuvion is a cutting-edge technology that utilizes safe Helium gas combined with radiofrequency to treat medium to large areas of skin laxity following liposuction. While this more aggressive technique may increase downtime, patients who have not found success with other liposuction technologies or are at high risk for appearance issues after liposuction are candidates for Renuvion. The unique nature of the technology is more selective than LASER liposuction, avoiding the skin discoloration and scarring that is so common with Lasers.

Liposuction Pittsburgh


Other Popular Treatment Options

If excess skin is your main concern, other body contouring treatments, such as abdominoplasty or a body lift, may produce more effective results. It is also important to consider that liposuction may be essential to other procedures you wish to undergo, such as a Brazilian butt lift, in which fatty tissue is transferred to the buttocks. Our plastic surgeons will take plenty of time to help you choose the right procedure or combination of procedures to meet your goals.

Achieve A Leaner,
More Attractive Figure*

What are the benefits of Liposuction?

Target Stubborn Fat

Even if you are very healthy, you may have unresponsive fat deposits. Liposuction can often improve the effects of pregnancy.

Get Results Fast

While liposuction does require time to heal, most patients notice an immediate difference in their figure within 3 to 4 weeks.

Improve Your Self-Confidence

If you are self-conscious about stubborn fat, liposuction can help you love how you look and free you to live your best life.

Candidates For Liposuction Should Be…

In Good Health

You should be free of serious health issues or medical conditions that can affect your healing and close to your goal weight.


Smoking increases the risk of surgical complications and can slow down your recovery.

Off of Medication

Certain medications, such as blood thinners, can increase your risk of heavier bleeding during surgery.

Trust Us With Your Results

Your Liposuction Consultation

At the Pittsburgh Center for Plastic Surgery, you can take advantage of decades of training and expertise while receiving care at our state-of-the-art office. Pittsburgh liposuction patients can enhance their appearance in a welcoming environment with comfortable surroundings and compassionate staff.

Benefit from Extensive Training and Advanced Tools

We have been practicing cosmetic surgery since 1977. During this time, we have pioneered and perfected a range of advanced treatments. In addition, he has learned the value of investing in the most advanced treatment options available.

“Knowledgeable, customized treatment plan with exceptional staff. I would recommend the Pittsburgh Center to anyone looking to improve its image. Thank you for giving me back my confidence." CAMERON T.

Planning Your Treatment

Your Liposuction Procedure

Knowing what to expect before, during, and after treatment can help alleviate worry and fears of the unknown. As with any surgical procedure, extra care will be necessary to prepare for the recovery process. Keep nutritious foods on hand, and make sure to clear your calendar for the necessary time to heal.

Our plastic surgeons have been practicing for decades and will walk you through everything you need to know about your treatment from start to finish. Sagging skin and stubborn, excess fat can not only affect your self-confidence. These concerns can have a negative impact on your overall quality of life as well.

On the day of your liposuction Pittsburgh patients will need to bring a trusted friend or family member along to drive you to and from your appointment. This individual should also be able to stay with you for the first 24 hours to help you during your immediate recovery. When you return home, it is important to walk around the house occasionally to reduce the risk of blood clots and other serious post-surgical complications


Anesthesia will be administered prior to treatment to ensure that you feel comfortable throughout the procedure.

Incisions & Cannula Insertion

A long, thin suction device, known as a cannula, will be inserted through the incisions and moved back and forth to loosen and remove fat.

Close Incisions

The doctor will then carefully remove the cannula and precisely close the incisions to minimize scarring. Your procedure may differ slightly if you choose ultrasound- or radiofrequency-assisted liposuction.

Achieving Your Final Results

Liposuction Results

Following liposuction Pittsburgh patients typically experience bruising and swelling. Because every individual is different, some may notice these side effects longer than others.

On average, slight swelling and inflammation will linger for about three months. However, in most cases, post-operative bruising should diminish within four weeks.* Once you reach the four-week mark, your final results will become more apparent. However, it could take up to three months for the full effects to become noticeable. Patience and compliance are the two most important factors in the recovery process. The end result will be a more aesthetically pleasing figure and a boost in self-confidence.*

Excited to learn more about your liposuction options?

Recovery Differs

Liposuction Recovery and Aftercare

Immediately After Your Procedure

Liposuction is a personalized outpatient procedure so recovery will be different for every patient. The amount of downtime necessary will entirely depend on the extent of your treatment. After undergoing a minor procedure, patients may be able to return to work in as few as three days. However, if more extensive treatment is performed or your job is physically demanding, it could take as long as ten days.

After the First Day

After the first day after liposuction Pittsburgh patients are recommended to briefly walk outside to aid in the healing process. As with any surgical procedure, some degree of tenderness and swelling is typical. These side effects can be managed with prescription and over-the-counter pain relievers. We may also place a compression bandage over the surgical site to help reduce swelling and inflammation. It is important to closely follow recommendations so that you can enjoy a comfortable recovery* In most cases, patients can resume normal exercise routines within a few days. However, we recommend that you start slow and increase activity as you feel able.*

Advanced Local Anesthesia (ALA) at The Pittsburgh Center for Plastic Surgery

The Pittsburgh Center for Plastic Surgery is at the forefront of innovative surgical techniques prioritizing patient comfort and safety. The team of skilled medical professionals has extensive experience in providing procedures under cutting-edge local anesthesia, resulting in faster recovery times and shorter patient downtime. By utilizing local anesthetic techniques combining Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols, the team at the Pittsburgh Center can perform procedures such as small-volume liposuction, breast augmentation, limited tummy tucks, gynecomastia surgery, and facelifts with minimal disruption to the patient's daily routine.

Additional Reading

This approach has been proven to reduce recovery time and discomfort, allowing patients to return to their daily activities as soon as possible. In addition, Dr. Davila is the only provider in Pittsburgh offering deep plane SMAS Facelifts under enhanced local anesthesia. One of the key advantages of this technique is that it reduces or eliminates the risks associated with general anesthesia, such as prolonged nausea, vomiting, and grogginess. Patients undergoing procedures at the Pittsburgh Center can expect to remain comfortably resting throughout the surgery while communicating with their surgeon throughout the process, ensuring that they are relaxed and at ease at all times.

The Pittsburgh Center's commitment to patient-centered care extends beyond the surgical suite. After their procedures, patients are provided with detailed aftercare instructions and access to a team of dedicated medical professionals available to answer any questions or concerns they may have during their recovery period. Overall, the Pittsburgh Center for Plastic Surgery offers patients a safe, effective, and comfortable surgical experience that prioritizes their well-being and recovery by utilizing advanced local anesthesia (ALA) and providing exceptional aftercare, Drs. Dennis Hurwitz and Armando Davila and their team are able to help patients achieve their desired results with minimal disruption to their daily lives.

LiposuctionFrequently Asked Questions

Many patients can benefit from liposuction. Liposuction is not a weight loss solution. It is designed to help patients within 30 percent of their ideal weight achieve a slimmer figure.

The cost of liposuction will depend on the extent of your procedure, areas to be treated, and other factors. A typical area to be treated starts around $2500 to $3500. The use of advanced liposuction technologies such as BodyTite or Renuvion will add cost. While small-volume liposuction can be performed with Advanced Local Anesthesia (ALA), many patients will require general anesthesia that has a separate operating room and Anesthesia charges. While liposuction is not covered by insurance, you may qualify for third-party financing, which can make costs manageable through low-interest and interest-free payment plans.

*Note: There is no guarantee of specific results. Results can vary for each individual. Some images are of models, not actual patients.

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology and amenities to ensure your comfort and privacy during your visit. We are located in the heart of Pittsburgh and serve patients from all over the world. When you are ready to take the next step, contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Davila or Dr. Hurwitz. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals of looking and feeling your best.

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