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Total Body Lift testimonial

By Dennis Hurwitz on January 27, 2010

Dear Dr. Hurwitz,

There was so little time to be able to say all that I wanted to.  We arrived home safely (after 10 hours in the airport!!).  I had a lot of time to think about the last 10 days of my life.  It has been an amazing journey from start to finish.  I knew I had the right Dr. when i came in to see you last September...and you know when you know!  Many people asked me before I left why on earth would I go all the way to PA to have this done and I always told them that I wanted the best and I wasn't settling for any thing less than that.  They would ask me..'how do you know he's the best?" and I would tell them "because I did my homework...and I just know."  Now I have the proof to show them. 

I know we talked in your office about our experience at the hotel and accomodations and that is important. Especially if you are an out of town patient, it is good to know that the 'total' experience is a successful one.  But, in order to have that piece be successful, I believe that it has to start in the operating room.  I wish I had more time to focus on you and your work during my appointment because, certainly, that was the best part of the experience.  I was confident in you from the first moment I met you in September and that confidence never waivered. 

It was tough getting to this point financially, but we were determined that if there was a way to make it happen, we would.  I don't believe you can put a monetary value on what you did for me and what you've done for others.  It is worth every penny and then some.  You cannot put a price tag on self-esteem, confidence and security.  Not that these things are all found in the way you look. because I don't believe they are...but it certainly contributes. 

As I look at the days ahead,  I am excited.  I am walking forward in renewed confidence of who I am.  And that, Dr. Hurwitz, has so much to do with you. I am grateful for the team you had assembled to do this huge work and I wish I could thank every one of them in person...I know you trust them and they may have had the same results with or without you. BUT...  It was me KNOWING  you were heading up that team that helped me to walk through it peacefully and successfully. 

I could go on forever I am sure.  I just wanted to say thank you once again.  I hope to be a walking advertisement for you and that some of the people that I cross paths with, will seek you out for their surgeries.  If you have any patients that would like to talk to someone.. personally... who has already walked this road, please don't hesitate to give them my contact information.  I would consider it an honor.

I pray that you are blessed as I have been blessed,

I honestly never thought of myself as a serious candidate for elective surgery ... but I’m already feeling and looking so much better.* Jill's Story

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