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HCG Diet Prior to Plastic Surgery

By Dennis Hurwitz on April 06, 2011

I had 30 or 40 pounds to lose and decided to try the hcg and I was very happy with the program and results.  As a former nurse, I researched the drug and felt that the use of hcg in weight loss was safe.  Dr. Hurwitz and his staff are world renowned experts in more than one field, so I felt safe and confident.  While on the program, you always have some someone available to ask questions or address any concerns.  From the start, you know that you’re not just getting a weight loss program from the internet or an uninformed source or person.  

The program is easy to follow but you must actively participate and follow the directions carefully.  You must weigh the protein and yourself daily.  The program only works if you commit to the goals of weight loss and diet change.  After the first week, the program becomes very easy to do and follow and there is no hunger.   I lost about 30 pounds and was within about 5 pounds of where I should be.  You’ll feel better physically and mentally by eating a healthful diet.  Your cravings for carbohydrates will go away and when the program is finished, you can continue with weight loss if you need to because you don’t feel the need or desire to consume or overeat fattening foods and carbohydrates.  Unlike other methods of weight loss that I have tried in the past, this program doesn’t give you that drawn out facial look and extremity weight loss.  The weight loss appears to be concentrated in the abdomen and hip areas where most weight loss is needed and desired.  

At 52 year of age, I had so much trouble losing the last 30-40 pounds of weight.  The weight loss without the hcg had become slow and agonizing.   I was very pleased with the weight loss as a result of the hcg program.  After 3 weeks of ending the hcg, the weight is off for good.  I was also able to stop taking lisinipril for blood pressure, metformin twice a day for diabetes, and a statin drug for high cholesterol levels.  The whole program has made me feel good about myself.  My energy levels, stamina, and endurance have all greatly improved. 

I honestly never thought of myself as a serious candidate for elective surgery ... but I’m already feeling and looking so much better.* Jill's Story

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