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Dr. Dennis J. Hurwitz publishes techniques in male body contouring.

Dr. Dennis J. Hurwitz publishes techniques in male body contouring.

By sarah on November 09, 2020

World renowned innovative University of Pittsburgh Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery, Dennis J Hurwitz, MD has recently published updates on his unique body contouring surgery of the male. The prestigious International plastic surgery Journal, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, recognized Dr. Hurwitz’s 2015 article “Enhancing Masculine Features After Massive Weight Loss” as “one of the most highly referenced articles in the journal’s 50-year history.” This open access article may be downloaded by searching Hurwitz D, Enhancing Masculine Features after Massive Weight Loss, Aesth Plast Surg. 2016. 40:2; 245-255. The journal republished it in in August 2020, followed by an editorial update in Aesth Plast Surg. 2020; 44, 1252-1257. His unique Boomerang pattern correction of gynecomastia remains a favorite approach to difficult sagging gynecomastia correction. The Boomerang procedure nicely compliments Oblique Flankplasty with Lipoabdominoplasty over one or two stages. New techniques using high definition liposculpture with Pectoralis muscle fat grafting and BodyTite skin tightening has become the mainstay of the more common moderate presentations of gynecomastia in muscular males with poor definition.  

Techniques in Male Body Contouring

Then in September 2020, the long awaited first plastic surgery textbook exclusively on males was published. Editor of Male Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Theime 2020, D.S. Steinbrech selected Dr. Hurwitz to write chapter 22 on Boomerang Excision Pattern Correction of Gynecomastia and chapter 40 on Body Lift after Massive Weight Loss in Men. These step by step surgical atlas presentations with technique videos should help popularize his techniques and improve results by other surgeons. Early reviews of the textbook have praised its encyclopedic presentation from the best know plastic surgeon contributors of today.

This COVIID-19 era of social distancing has not slowed down Dr. Hurwitz world-wide scientific presentations at authoritative American and international conferences. Through video conferencing, Dr. Hurwitz continues to be invited to present his artistry in body contouring surgery. On May 18, 2020 Dr. Hurwitz was honored by the São Paulo division of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery as an annual conference keynote speaker on the Centrality of Oblique Flankplasty and lipoabdominoplasty. Similarly, he has presented at the annual meeting of the of PAP, Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons, and Saudi Arabian Society of Plastic Surgeons, July 18, 2020. Also, he spoke for an hour for surgical residents of Britain’s United Kingdom series of webinars for trainees September 24. During the on-demand session of the American Society of Plastic Surgeon PSTM2020 October 12, Hurwitz was the guest moderator for Vector base liposculpture for men.  On Thursday, 11/5/20, he will present a 90-minute treatise on his evolution of body contouring surgery to the present Oblique Flankplasty at the Georgetown Department of Plastic Surgery Virtual Grand Round Lecture Series, which include prestigious Departments at Universities of Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The common theme of these presentations is his evolving experience using the combination of lipoabdominoplasty with his unique lower body lift operation, the Oblique Flankplasty (OFLA). He described the centrality of this operative combination to the reshaping of the entire torso of individuals who suffer loose skin and poor body shape after weight loss pregnancy and/or aging. Through photographs and video presentations of both men and woman that included before-and-after results he convincingly taught the application of his still evolving approach to excellent body contouring. Dr. Hurwitz explains how total body lift surgery came to happen and what have been the scientific, social and patient highlights of cultivating body contouring specialty over the past 22 years. He anticipates that the brilliant but impressionable residents and medical students will be inspired to take a similar path towards developing and advancing their specialty interest in plastic surgery.  They need to understand long term goals, the search for excellence, unraveling deficiencies and realizing the length of time, it takes to make a difference and the considerable effort in preparation of lectures, traveling and manuscripts and book chapters.  The satisfactions and rewards will be self-evident to those who attend. Dr. Hurwitz is clear that this approach to the practice of plastic surgery has not only brought achievements in innovation, but the best possible care for his patients one at a time, day in and day out. For those who wish to view the August 2019 recorded similar presentation for an ICOPLAST international webinar for plastic surgeons please search “lower body lift by Dennis Hurwitz” on Vimeo. 

Recently, plastic surgeon, UNLV adjunct assistant professor, Armando A. Davila, M.D. has joined the Pittsburgh Center for Plastic Surgery working side by side with Dr. Hurwitz and making his unique contributions to patient care and clinical research. For more information about achieving an optimal figure and what treatments best suit your needs, contact the Pittsburgh Center for Plastic Surgery, www.pittsburghplasticsurgery.com.  The practice can be reached directly using the information provided below.

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