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Dr. Dennis J. Hurwitz presents his innovative approach to Lower Body

Dr. Dennis J. Hurwitz presents his innovative approach to Lower Body

By Dennis Hurwitz on January 13, 2020

Pioneering, world renowned innovative Pittsburgh plastic surgeon and Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh, Dennis J Hurwitz, MD is presenting his evolution of total body lift surgery, featuring the oblique flankplasty at the January 15, 2020 Department of plastic surgery grand rounds at 7:00 to 9 AM in the medical school 11 floor Scaife Hall on Terrace Street.  He will introduce visiting plastic surgeon scholar from Cairo Egypt, Dr. Ahmed Taha, who will then speak on the practice of plastic surgery in Egypt as well as research on improving safety in body contouring surgery.  Dr. Taha won a USAID competitive scholarship for four months observership with an American plastic surgeon of his choice from December 2019 to April 2020.  He came to see advanced surgery and postoperative results unfiltered in Pittsburgh and has not been disappointed.  He hopes to bring to the Middle East the technical advances pioneered by Dr. Hurwitz such as the oblique flankplasty, spiral flap reshaping of the breasts, Boomerang pattern correction of gynecomastia, and the L-Brachioplasty, as well as the skills of advancing new technology of fat suction and skin shrinkage with these procedures. Pitt senior resident Walter Joseph will kick off the morning with an assessment of minimally invasive, electromagnetic and bipolar radiofrequency body contouring procedures, including long term result in several patients of Dr. Hurwitz.

For the physicians and students who attend the January 15 grand rounds, Dr. Hurwitz will explain how total body lift surgery came to happen and what have been the scientific, social and patient highlights of cultivating body contouring specialty over the past 22 years. He anticipates that the brilliant but impressionable residents and medical students will be inspired to take a similar path towards developing and advancing their specialty interest in plastic surgery.  They need to understand long term goals, the search for excellence, unraveling deficiencies and realizing the length of time, it takes to make a difference and the considerable effort in preparation of lectures, traveling and manuscripts and book chapters.  The satisfactions and rewards will be self-evident to those who attend. Dr. Hurwitz is clear that this approach to the practice of plastic surgery has not only brought achievements in innovation, but the best possible care for his patients one of time, day in and day out. For those who wish to view a recorded similar presentation for an ICOPLAST international webinar for plastic surgeons visit this link.  Additional information can be found at https://www.pittsburghplasticsurgery.com/body-contouring/oblique-flankplasty on the oblique flankplasty.

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Originally posted by Dr. Dennis Hurwitz / Pittsburgh Center for Plastic Surgery

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Announcing the Retirement of Dr. Dennis Hurwitz

Dr. Hurwitz is an internationally recognized plastic surgeon with a distinguished record of contributions to his field and community. His groundbreaking approach to post-operative care, which includes a dedicated team of aesthetic professionals to reduce swelling and speed up the healing process, was the first of its kind in Pittsburgh. Dr. Hurwitz has also earned a reputation as a highly sought-after educator, having instructed students from all over the globe. Through his unwavering dedication to his craft and passion for sharing his knowledge, Dr. Hurwitz has become a renowned practitioner, innovator, and mentor in plastic surgery.

As of early 2024, Dr. Hurwitz has retired from surgery. His innovative techniques and high standards of care continue to thrive under the expertise of Dr. Davlia and Dr. Turer, ensuring that his legacy endures through their exceptional work.

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