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Compliments to You and Your Staff!

By on July 05, 2007

Dear Dr. Hurwitz, "As you know, I had my surgery on 5/21 and stayed in Pittsburgh for three weeks to recover. I know that I have already expressed my gratitude to you, but I wanted to take a moment and commend your staff as well. Considering I am a critical care nurse, I think my expectations going into this process were probably a little higher than many. It is very infrequent in healthcare that people are complemented for a job well done. Your staff definitely deserves the compliments." "In December of last year, I made the trip from Cape Cod to Pittsburgh for my initial consult. I must say that after extensive research on plastic surgeons, my expectations were high from the start. I was not disappointed. After you and I talked, I knew that you were the best choice surgeon for me, but I was anxious about how the rest of the process would work. Johanna was excellent. She explained everything from the beginning, even dealing with many very detailed questions. All forms were explained and she provided copies of everything that I asked for. Fees and scheduling were handled in a professional manner and she is exceptional with communication, both in person and via email. (I emailed her several times between December and May). She is an asset that you are lucky to have." "I also have to take time to complement Kathleen. Considering I am from out of state, I had to arrange for several different people to come to Pittsburgh post-op to assist me. Kathleen was great with arranging transport back and forth to the airport from several places. When I called to arrange last minute transport for my mom, she was quick to help and never was annoyed once. Not having to worry about how everyone got from point A to point B was a great relief. For patients that are from out of town, she definitely made things alot easier." "I cannot begin to express my gratitude to Michelle. Even though she was away on vacation when I had my surgery, she contacted me as soon as she got back and was at the hotel to see me the night I was discharged. She is an absolute key to your success. The daily visits for lymphatic massage were fantastic. I know that she made a difference with my edema. Aside from the physical therapeutic effects of her daily visits, she is a wonderful, caring, professional and knowledgeable person. She truly cares about your patients, their outcomes and their overall well being. She provides a service to your patients that there is no way I could place a financial value on. Not only did she provide simple things like local newspapers and menus, but also she went out of her way to provide organic and homeopathic remedies for simple things like a rash or gas and bloating. Not exactly items that would cause you to worry, but things that are utterly annoying to the patient. Even when she had multiple patients to manage, she made each patient feel as if they are all she has to worry about. I cannot imagine your practice without her." "Thanks again for everything; I look forward to seeing you in Massachusetts in August." Sincerely, Lisa

I honestly never thought of myself as a serious candidate for elective surgery ... but I’m already feeling and looking so much better.* Jill's Story

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